Rapala Original Lure - Floating

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 Originally designed in 1936 by Lauri Rapala, the Floating Rapala is still the number one best seller. Whether twitched on the top as surface bait, retrieved as a shallow runner, weighted with a split-shot for medium depths or bottom walked off a three-way swivel or bottom bouncer, the wounded minnow action continues to be irresistible to game fish on every continent around the world.


  • 5cm - Weight 3g, two no 10 hooks
  • 7cm - Weight 4g, two no 7 hooks
  • 9cm - Weight 5g, two no 7 hooks
  • 11cm - Weight 6g, three no 6 hooks

Code: RAP1003


  • Running Depth: Topwater - 1.8 metres
  • Balsa wood
  • Can be fished top to bottom
  • VMC© hooks