Rod and Creel offer a range of permits for a variety of different fishing locations within the local area. Please contact us now or visit us instore for more information on how to arrange a fishing permit today.

Permits available for the following locations:


    River Devon

    The source of the river flows from Blairdenon Hill in the Ochils. The upper river areas have been dammed which created Upper Glendevon, Lower Glendevon and Castlehill reservoirs. It reaches the River Forth at the small village of Cambus.

     River Devon


    River Avon

    The River Avon starts 3 miles east of Cumbernauld but that is not the source of the river. A number of burns run into Fannyside Loch which eventually flows into another river which becomes the Avon. These burns run directly out of farmland and are highly polluted by many industrial agricultural chemicals.


    River Carron

    The River Carron rising in the Campsie Fells and flows through the towns of Denny, Dunipace, Falkirk and Larbert. The River Carron has many tributaries but it’s most prominent tributary is the Bonny Water.