Airflo Velocity Fly Line

Airflo Velocity Fly Line

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New to the market in 2010, the Airflo Velocity is the perfect line for those new to the sport or just getting back into it.

Although the Velocity is an entry level line, Airflo have raised the bar beyond what most people expect from a low cost fly line.

The line has been developed to be easy to cast, meaning the lines taper off quickly to swiftly and efficiently load the rod. This gives you the opportunity to feel the rod loading, with a minimum of effort. Their user friendly taper design (mainly the long 14ft rear taper) allows the line to grow with you as you improve and increase your casting range.

The Velocity fly line has many of the features found on their premium lines, for example their unique glass smooth, hardwearing polymer coating. This unique polymer coating is unlike any other manufacturers coating, mainly as it wont crack like PVC coatings do. Not only that but their polymer means this line is equally at home in both fresh and saltwater.

Airflo's self lubricating line system is another unique feature that gives this fly line incredible shootability, in the right hands this line exceeds the ability of most other budget lines.

To further ease the life of newcomers to the sport, the line now includes a useful loading zone indicator on the rear taper that allows you to easily visualise when you have the optimum amount of line outside the tip of the fly rod.

Having a fly line with features like this will ultimately lead to longer, more efficient and more accurate casts. There are of course better fly lines on the market, although at this price point we doubt there are many that can equal the features and ability of the Airflo Velocity.


Available in the following types:

Floating - Optic Green (yellow)
Double Taper - Optic Green (yellow)
Intermediate - Clear (sink rate 1.5ips)
Sinking - Medium Olive (sink rate 3ips